Adam Grossi


Adam teaches vinyasa yoga and pranayama as practices which weave physical sensation, mental focus, and poetic imagination into a tapestry capable of supporting, healing, and transforming the entire person. His teaching comes directly from his daily experiences on his own yoga mat. Adam is grateful to be an avid student of Jim Bennitt and James Tennant and is strongly influenced by their approach to vinyasa krama (intelligent sequencing) and the application of ayurvedic principles to hatha yoga techniques. 

Adam teaches throughout Chicago and also maintains a rigorous creative practice in painting, drawing, and writing. The second edition of his book Wind Through Quiet Tensions, a memoir about his experiences with mental health and the therapeutic potential of yoga, was published by Candor Arts in 2015. As a teacher Adam’s intention is for students to walk out the door with increased energy, focus, and inspiration for whatever challenges life might hold for them