Dietrich Mcgaffey

dietrich mcgaffey headshot.jpg

After knee surgery followed by a car accident, yoga transformed Dietrich’s physical therapy into an integrated, restorative practice. Then mindfulness, breath and meditation brought clarity to the struggle with attention. The experience of body and breath was such an incredible gift that Dietrich was inspired to share this opportunity for transformation and growth with everyone. Many years with Rich Logan, Chicago’s Iyengar and Mindful Vinyasa master, refined attitudes towards alignment and anatomy to enable Dietrich to create safe space for each individual to explore their own body mind connection. Focusing on slow-motion flow and structural integration, classes become movement meditation with a deep connection to the heart. As the founder of Botanica Yoga and Edible Alchemy Foods, Dietrich is a student of ayurveda, herbal medicine, health and nutrition. Dietrich studies and practices yoga with the giants of Chicago: Mindful Vinyasa with Rich Logan, Iyengar Therapeutics with Gabriel Halpern, Tantric Hatha with Jim Bennitt, and Ashtanga with Amy Beth Treciokas. Dietrich has also had the gift and pleasure of learning under master teachers from across the globe: Dharma Mittra, Ana Forrest, Tias Little, Andrey Lappa, & Saul David Raye. Dietrich’s classes run from gentle and restorative through core conditioning challenges into anti-gravity flight. Don’t forget to breathe! Dietrich can be found at