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The 6 Healing Sounds: Meridian Based Yoga

The 6 healing sounds are a Qi Gong exercise that are designed to balance excess and negative energy that can accumulate in the organ systems of the body. For each major organ of the body we do a meditation that includes a sound, gesture, and visualization.

In March we'll discuss the Kidneys/Bladder meridian and how it relates to a Yogic understanding of the body and ways to reflect on its functions and corresponding emotional energies in your personal life. Those intentions will carry into restorative yoga practice that will stimulate specific meridian(s), followed by initiation into the healing sound for that organ and the corresponding meditation. These sounds are especially good for beginning to address the ways in which we are shaped by our own emotional impressions. They are designed to cleanse, heal, and cultivate positive energy internally.


Nathan’s approach emphasizes less external effort, concentrating instead on what is required to create an environment that is ripe for greater insight and inner awareness. His classes are well planned and methodical with good economy of movement, while still retaining a spontaneous nature. Along with a dedicated yoga practice, he has extensive training and study in western anatomy and kinesiology, along with extensive study and practice in Chinese Medicine, Acupressure, Shiatsu, Tui Na (Chinese massage), and Tai Chi. Elements from all these realms influence the classes.


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