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Massage Basics

with Tania Hughes


Enjoy a rewarding afternoon learning simple massage techniques. Learn the benefits of giving and receiving relaxing, nurturing, therapeutic massage. Discover quick-release techniques for common “trigger points”.

The material covered in this workshop will include lecture and hands-on of the following:

  • building trust with your massage partner
  • pressure points to release common pain patterns
  • an overview of common chronic pain release 
  • “endangerment sites” to avoid in the body
  • proper warming techniques
  • an insight into how to “listen” with your hands
  • healthy body mechanics for you while you work
  • “good” pain versus “productive” pain

As you will be clothed during the class, wear loose-fitting, comfortable apparel in which to work and receive with free movement.

Bring smiles, your compassion, and loving intention.

Tania Hughes is a yoga instructor, and a practicing massage and craniosacral therapist who brings 15 years of bodywork experience to her classroom.