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Mindful New Year Workshop

 with Erica Rumpel


Sometimes we swing so far in one direction that we find ourselves asking,"how did I get here?" As we travel through life, react, and make choices, we might begin to slowly drift away from our authentic self, from our source of power, or our deep sense of peace. Even though we try to stay anchored in a practice, our external lives and environments can pull us in many directions – intended and unintended. How can we stay anchored in intention?

We invite you to begin 2016 by cultivating a deeper connection to who you are and remembering the sound of your true voice. By reflecting on the past, identifying and exploring present inner longings, and expressing authentic dreams with brutal honesty, we'll work toward clarity and "right livelihood." We won't create fantasies or wild stories about thinking your way into material success, but we will be present with ourselves, listening, calling forth, and honoring what needs to be heard, healed, or directed. We'll also walk away with the confidence of having a concrete plan. 

If you are searching for a greater sense of your unique path toward true authenticity, please joins us! Be prepared to move, write, discuss, and relax into the experience of the day.

Discovery Goals:

  • Recognize accomplishments, mistakes, greatest learnings from the past that may be informing your life today
  • Identify current sense of life fulfillment and direction- do you want to be here, how do you know?
  • Identify and explore inner longings and hushed voices to reveal deeper truths
  • Connect inner longings to a future state for goal clarification and refinement 

Erica Lerro, MA, LCPC, RYT- Clinical Therapist, Career Coach and Yoga Teacher

Alison Niederkorn, Certified Search Inside Yourself Instructor, Kripalu- CYT

Later Event: March 6
Yin Yoga