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Your Powerful Nature: A Seasonal Workshop Series

with Marcelyn Cole


Earth Power - Support and steadiness. Let fall to earth what you no longer need. Get down with the ground.

You are a force of nature! According to Tantric yoga, humans are deeply interconnected with - not separate from - the natural world. The power of nature exists not only outside of you, but within you. When you believe you're separate you suffer, and so does the ecology around you. Adjusting your practice to the season helps you remember the interconnection, and so does Tantra's emphasis of five natural elements. The elements of earth, fire, water, air, and space all have the capacity to nourish as well as cleanse. This workshop series draws on the power of one or two elements each season to help you thrive through that time of year. For those interested we'll learn how these elements are associated with chakras, doshas, gunas and more. You won't need to know those words, but just enjoy the practices to feel rooted (earth) during blustery autumn, expansive and light (air and space) in the midst of winter heaviness, brilliant (fire) for spring cleansing and transformation, and rejuvinated (water) during summer heat. You'll use physical poses, breathing, visualization and life habits to tap into your powerful nature. Earth Power - Support and steadiness. Get down with the ground. Let fall to earth what no longer serves you.

Air and Space Power - Expansion and upliftment. Open space for possibility. Lighten your heart and blow away the blahs!

Fire Power - Transformation, brilliance and clarity. Melt resistance. Burn it down! Rise and shine!

Water Power - Coolness and smoothness. Fill your cup, soften the edges, and find your flow.

Please register online by Sunday Sept 25

**Refund policy- In order to retain class credit, please cancel within 24 hours of workshop by emailing Refunds will not be issued for no call/no shows


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