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Creative Vinyasa Sequencing Part 2

with Wade Gotwals


This workshop will give you the tools to develop your own per-sonally designed home practice and will give teachers new se-quencing techniques to lead a mindful Vinyasa Flow class with clarity and creativity! Together we will journey through and break down various Vinyasa Flow segments. We will be explor-ing sequencing that will examine opening the body as intercon-nected muscle groups. Through this process we can target spe-cific muscles and learn to open them safely and create our own effective sequencing. We will also focus on creating smooth and efficient transitions between poses elevating the quality of our flow. Lastly, as we move deeper into asana we will focus on the relationship to breath, mind awareness and subtle adjust-ment techniques to really dive into the specified area. Teach-ers and students will also have an opportunity to practice their own sequence with a partner and get feedback. We all find ourselves repeating patterns in our life as well as in our per-sonal yoga practice and in the classes we teach, lets break up those patterns! Come enjoy this opportunity to elevate your practice and or teachings! (You may want to bring a notepad and pen)

Wade Gotwals has been teaching a powerful creative vinyasa flow style class for 13 years and loves to share his new ideas, sequencing, travels, and philosophies to make sure his classes and workshops are always continually inspiring and challenging.

Later Event: April 9
Yin Yoga