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Tantra Yoga: Agni with Marcelyn

with Marcelyn Cole


Tantra Yoga: Foundations for Transformation

Tantra is ultimately a tradition of transformation. Learn the foundations of tantra yoga in this progressive series of workshops. You'll benefit from taking any one or all four. The series is designed to lead you progressively through your own transformative process, gaining tools you can use every day to open up to your best self and energetic potential - what you could call kundalini shakti. All workshops begin with a brief lecture about the theory of tantra philosophy and science, and that workshop's theme. Expect asana/yoga postures, breathing technique, and guided meditation - all for the purposeful movement of energy. Reveal your true radiance in this practice of beauty and bliss. Each workshop is taught by either Mia Park or Marcelyn Cole who have studied with Tantric masters for years.

Agni with Marcelyn

Stoke your physical, mental, and spiritual fire! Burn through obstacles and stagnation to brightness and inspiration! Agni is the principle of fire responsible for physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual transformation. When your agni is strong, your capacity to absorb what you need and let go of what you don't need is strong, allowing you to feel brighter physically, mentally/emotionally and spiritually. Learn important yoga postures and practices that help you keep your inner fire alight to feel vibrant and integrated.

Marcelyn and Mia are dedicated students of tantra. They are both initiated in the Sri Vidya lineage and have studied intensively with Rod Stryker, Gary Kraftsow and other tantric masters. Collectively, they have thousands of hours of training, and they have each offered studio classes, private lessons, volunteer sessions, and workshops for many years. Mia and Marcelyn especially love delving deeper into the teachings in a workshop setting and look forward to sharing this series with you!


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