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Yin & Reiki

with Amber Cook


Yin Yoga Instructor Amber Cook and Reiki Master Amber Reskey combine a slow, introspective yoga practice with energy healing. This workshop encourages participants to get out of their heads and back in touch with their hearts. Join us for a practice that will soothe your nervous system and help heal the body by returning it to a state of connection with pure life energy.

Amber Cook is a yoga teacher who creates a safe environment for students to discover their bodies physically and emotionally. By cultivating this exploration in the classroom her students discover deeper vitality and happiness. Amber is there to support you on your journey to the truth and joy that lie within your heart.

Amber Reskey is a Reiki Master of the Usui tradition. Reiki has transformed her life and she feels blessed to be able to share it with others. By means of touch, Amber R, activates the natural healing processes of one's body and you leave full of life force energy.