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Soft Power: Stepping Into Your Postpartum Self With Grace And Strength

with Veronica Rottman Stevens

Owning your new power as a mother means embracing the physical and emotional ebb and flow that occurs on a daily basis. In a culture that pressures us to "bounce back" as quickly as possible we are bombarded by images on social media and celebrity culture that can rob us of the incredible spiritual gifts that motherhood bestows upon us. In this workshop we will practice postnatal yoga in way that gives us space to honor the divine feminine in us all so that we can fully embrace the new shape of our body, heart and mind. Practice will be appropriate for all levels.

$30 in advance/ $35 day of

Veronica Rottman Stevens was introduced to yoga as a little girl while her mom practiced at home. In college, Veronica became more serious about yoga as a way to stay active once she stopped dancing. Eventually Veronica saw that yoga helped her find grounding and relief from anxiety, depression, insomnia and the general ups and downs of life. In 2009 Veronica completed her yoga teacher training. Her style is mostly influenced by Maty Ezraty and Sara Strother. Veronica teaches a welcoming, challenging, alignment-based class and has a calm, playful, and warm presence. She is also a birth doula and teaches prenatal yoga.