Kathleen ellis


In the year 2000, a 26-year old Information Technology specialist came to realize that she needed something in her life to change. Her wrists and back ached from typing while sitting. Her range of motion was in subtle but steady decline. Kathleen Ellis at first thought it was just normal signs of aging.. but at age 26? She'd never been much of an athletic type other than gymnastics and swimming at the Y, nor had she been much of a spiritualist in recent years. But moving felt good, and meditation seemed like a good way to take her psychological well-being into her own hands. She started investigating mind-body integration practice and enrolled in Tai Chi classes, later taking up Yoga.

Her first teacher, Sosha Devi, taught her the profound healing power of compassion and truth. Since becoming an instructor she has been fortunate to learn from so many teachers, from nationally known yogis Tias Little and Shiva Rea, to locals Marcelyn Cole, Tatiana Sanchez, Jim Bennitt and James Tennant. She is pursuing her certification at the 500 hour level and has received additional training in Trauma-Informed Instruction from the Prison Yoga Project as well as Prenatal Yoga from Chicago-area instructor Katie Rowe Mitchell.

Today her teaching is based strongly in a traditional, no-gimmicks Hatha style with a strong therapeutic influence, nurturing the body and spirit.