Wade Gotwals


Wade was introduced to yoga by a friend who bet him that he couldn't make it through the whole class. Needless to say he couldn't. That was 12 years ago and since then he has made it his passion to discover alternative techniques to further the growth and spirit and to heal the body. He has studied with teachers in New Zealand, Bali, India, Thailand and the U.S. and is always excited about sharing his new discoveries with his students. His vinyasa classes are a unique fusion of styles from his travels and from the inspirations of his senior teachers like Dharma Mittra and Rusty Wells. His certifications in Ashtanga/Vinyasa, Thai and Intuitive Massage, and Touch for Health added with his meditation and Advaita studies in India with Ramesh Balsekar have given him many gifts to be thankful for and share with others... Whether adding playful martial arts moves, guiding meditation or playing his didgeridoo in class, coming up with interesting ways to keep others inspired and receiving inspiration from others is what is what keeps his love for yoga alive.