Wicker Park

October 17, 2019 - April 4, 2020


This program is unique in its depth and variety offering teachings from the lead trainers’ years of experience in yoga study and teaching. The focus of this training is not only on becoming an authentic teacher, but to aid in becoming a better being, leader, and communicator.

This program gives real experiential insights to yoga as it applies to modern life, offering tools to feel confident in teaching yoga from the heart. Create space to find your voice and awaken authentic expression.

Our teaching faculty has extensive experience from a diversity of lineages and aims to offer the best of our knowledge with integrity and without dogma. We have crafted this special program to give you the most of what we have to offer and to allow for your exploration of the highest expression of Self. You will have the opportunity to discover and explore your teaching voice. Upon completion, you will feel able to share the knowledge passed on to you from a truly authentic place.

Topics covered include:
Vinyasa Flow
Anatomy + Energetic Body
Dharma Yoga
Partner Yoga Basics
Bhakti Yoga
Career Building
Yogic Philosophy

Additional specialized workshops from Nature Yoga & guest teachers and an unlimited membership for other classes at Nature Yoga are also included in your tuition.



Must have at least one year of experience with yoga practice and a willingness to delve more deeply into the full teachings of yoga.


To apply:

Application fee: $50 (non-refundable, does not go towards tuition costs – please submit in person or by phone)


Send an email to gopi@natureyoga.com  that includes the following:

1. How long have you been practicing yoga and in what ways has yoga impacted your life? (100 words or more)

2. Where have you been practicing yoga and with what teachers or mentors? (100 words or more)

3. What is your attraction to this teacher training program? (100 words or more)

4. What are you hoping to gain from this training program beyond the certification? Which populations do you hope to impact with your teaching? (100 words or more)

5. Please indicate how your current lifestyle is influenced by the philosophy of yoga and/or how you might like yoga to influence your life going forward. (100 words or more)

6. Have you ever taught or shared anything about yoga with anyone in your life, either formally or informally? (100 words or more)

7. Is there anything else that you'd like us to know about you? (100 words or more)

8. Include the following contact information: full name, mailing address, email address, and phone number.


Upon acceptance and tuition payment, you will receive assignments to be completed prior to the first day of training along with the required reading and book list. Book costs will be around $100 and can be purchased through the studio at a discount or anywhere else you choose. No additional costs will be required. 



Paid in Full by September 17, 2019 - $2800

Paid in Full by October 17, 2019 - $2950

Monthly payment plan available. Please contact gopi@natureyoga.com for details.

All tuition payments are non-refundable.

Find out more about our Scholarship for People of Color, Queer, Trans, and Gender Non Conforming People here.



Training will be held at Nature Yoga Sanctuary.



Thursdays 6-10pm
Saturdays 2-6pm
October 17th, 2019 - April 4th, 2020

One 4-hour Sunday will be required, date TBD.

NO CLASS November 28th & 30th
December 21st-January 2nd


Consistent, reliable attendance is required to graduate. If there are questions or concerns about our attendance policy, please reach out in advance.

Tuition payments are non-refundable for any reason.


Trainer Bios:

Wade Gotwals
Wade found Yoga in the late 90s during his travels and since then has made it his passion to discover alternative techniques for furthering growth of mind and spirit and for healing the body. He is teaching internationally in Asia, Europe, South America and the U.S. and is always excited about sharing his new discoveries through yoga. Wade teaches a unique Vinyasa flow fusion of styles derived from his travels and from the inspirations of teachers like Dharma Mittra and Rusty Wells. His certifications in Ashtanga/Vinyasa, Thai and Intuitive Massage, and Touch for Health added with his meditation and Advaita studies in India with Ramesh Balsekar have given him many gifts to be thankful for and share with others. His teaching style is structured by at the same time very playful and always gives options of openness, depth and strength so that everyone will be challenged and can share their energy. The Advaitic principles of oneness and non separation are the dharmic principles to his teachings. In his classes, workshops and retreats you can expect a creative vinyasa flow based practice, with individual attention to challenging poses deconstructed so everyone is able to approach at their level. Each workshop also showcases some of the other limbs of yoga whether it be meditation, dharma, bhakti or even Thai yoga. Wade strives to find interesting ways to keep others inspired and connected and receiving inspiration from others is what keeps his love for yoga alive.

Amber Cook
Amber is a yoga teacher who creates a safe environment for students to discover their bodies physically and emotionally. To begin, Amber guides students mindfully through intelligent physical alignment and breath awareness in strong vinyasa and hatha classes. By cultivating this exploration in the classroom her students discover deeper vitality and happiness. By sharing her own evolving story, Amber next guides her students to honor their personal authenticity and to feel more present, free, and confident. Then, grounded in your body and breath you are free to travel beyond the physical into your profound truth. Amber is there to support you on your journey to the truth and joy that lie within your heart.
Born and raised in Flint, MI among the demise of the auto industry and a town crumbling into poverty and crime Amber persevered allowing those experiences to cultivate a greater sense of social responsibility. Some of her first memories are picketing for worker rights and human rights with her father. Her immediate family believed very much in equality for all beings and to speak up for what you believe in. This has influenced Amber the most in her life.
A little background of Amber: At the very young age of 19, Amber joined Americorps NCCC, a volunteer organization that focuses on community rescue. Among her travels she has studied in Japan, lived it up in Hawaii for a year, traveled the country in a 1971 Volkswagen, and made her home in New Zealand for a bit.
She recieved her B.A. in Poetry from Columbia College and her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training from Moksha Yoga Center.
Having taught yoga now for 8 years she still feels she is learning all the time. With over 2,000 hours of trainings with many amazing teachers, leading 200 hour teacher trainings herself, and facilitating numerous retreats around the world she believes it is important to always be a student. She walks into every classroom, every conversation, every experience with humility.

Gopi Om (Nicole Sopko)
Gopi Om (Nicole Sopko) first discovered yoga by chance and was instantly intrigued. She attended her first teacher training with the sole intention of learning more about the practice, but discovered the teachings of yoga to be so transformational that she couldn't keep them to herself and began teaching in 2005. Shortly after, her practice grew immensely due to the discovery and subsequent influence of her beloved Guru, Sri Dharma Mittra, who gave her the name Gopi.
Gopi has completed the advanced level (500 hour & 800 hour) Life of a Yogi teacher trainings at the Dharma Yoga Center in New York with Sri Dharma. She feels blessed to have received and to carry on his teachings. She strives to live every moment as an offering to the divine and to pass on the teachings of yoga as they have been generously shared with her. She is a vegan of over 20 years who knows that veganism was her first yogic practice in embracing compassion for all beings. A believer in the power of yoga as a lifestyle, Gopi feels that a playful yoga practice enables a person to approach the more mundane aspects of life with a lighter heart and a more accepting attitude. Her yogic journey has played a big role in her life and she feels lucky to have the opportunity to share that journey with others.
Gopi is the owner/director of Nature Yoga Sanctuary in Wicker Park and Oak Park. Additionally, she works alongside her life partner, Dan, in the operation of his natural foods company, Upton's Naturals, and vegan cafe, Upton's Breakroom.


For more info, please email us at gopi@natureyoga.com