Ashtanga primary

Ashtanga Led Primary is a practice where students are guided through the sequence of poses that make up the Ashtanga yoga primary series. This is a well balanced yet vigorous practice that contains both movement as well as holding postures for short periods of time. There are minimal verbal alignment cues given, as the emphasis of the class is about moving through the sequence at a consistent steady pace. This class is recommended for intermediate to advanced yoga practitioners. It is the perfect compliment for students who are familiar with the Ashtanga sequence, or those who have experience with other forms of yoga but are looking to explore the Ashtanga sequence. Learn more!


Using meditation and breath work combined with elements of slow flow vinyasa and restorative yoga, this class provides increased relaxation and a deeper connection to the self. This class is appropriate for all levels of practitioners and leaves you feeling restored for the week ahead. 


A donation based class led by Nature Yoga’s newest 200 hour certified teachers. All donations (suggested $5, cash or card) benefit our sponsor child, Tulsi, attending Sandipani Muni School in Uttar Pradesh, India with Food for Life Vrindavan.

Deep Stretch

An active stretching class focused on unwinding and opening the body, releasing tension, improving overall flexibility and increasing mobility and range of motion--especially in the typically tight areas of the hips, hamstrings, lower back and shoulders. A perfect way to complement your regular yoga and workout routine, it’s great for runners, cyclists, weekend warriors, desk jockeys and everyone in between. Each class will have an emphasis on seated meditation techniques as well.


A dynamic vinyasa style of yoga that focuses on connecting breath and movement as students flow through sequences of poses. Different sequences and postures may be explored each week. Teachers may interweave different styles of yoga depending on their personal backgrounds and experiences. If you have questions about a particular teacher's style, please check their bios, or contact us for more information.  You can expect sun salutations, standing poses, balance poses, arm balances and inversions, as well as attention to breath work. Students should have previous experience with yoga for this class.



This is a foundational class perfect for those just starting out or those wanting to break down postures they are already familiar with. Class will cover the fundamentals of yoga, including proper alignment of basic poses, modifications and variations, and simple breathing and meditation techniques. You can expect sun salutations, standing, balance and seated poses as well as some prep work and “workshopping” for more advanced postures.


This branch of yoga focuses on asana (physical poses), pranayama (breath), and meditation to align the body and mind. Classes move at a slow to moderate pace allowing students to find balance between strength and flexibility, resulting in increased awareness and relaxation.


This one hour class introduces a new practitioner to the techniques and application of yoga. Taught at a slower pace with an emphasis on building strength and flexibility with proper alignment. An introduction to breathing exercises and meditation is incorporated as well. If you are curious about yoga, this is a great place to start or to re-familiarize yourself with the practice. This class is taught as a series, starting at the beginning of the month and building information each week. 


Inversions are an important part of a well-rounded yoga practice, but they can also induce a lot of anxiety and fear, especially when one does not know where to begin. This class focuses on safely building strength and confidence, warming up the body and calming the mind in order to increase mental focus in inverted postures. Release your ego in order to practice non-attachment while we explore a variety of inversions in a guided and safe space.


A balanced vinyasa class moving at a comfortable pace that can be modified for newer to intermediate level practitioners. You can expect sun salutations, standing poses, balance poses, an introduction to strengthening poses, as well as attention to breath work and meditation. 


Ashtanga yoga is the method, and “Mysore Style” describes the way this method is traditionally taught in Mysore, India. Mysore style is very unique in that it is a silent practice where students learn poses with the individual guidance of a teacher, rather than the teacher directing the entire class together. Mysore style is perfect for complete beginners as well as seasoned practitioners, because one progresses through the sequence based on individual ability! Ashtanga is a well balanced practice that contains both dynamic movement as well as holding postures for short periods of time. The main method of instruction is through one-on-on teaching, hands-on adjustments, and the commitment of showing up on a regular basis. Learn more!

NOTE: New students may arrive anytime from 7am- 9:15am and experienced practitioners may arrive as early at 6am to begin practice. Students may pay the drop in price (in advance) or use a membership. 


This restorative and gentle yoga practice is safe for pregnant women at every trimester. The class will incorporate poses and breath work to assist the mother during her pregnancy and help with labor and birth. Informed by the Hatha Yoga tradition, the class promotes flexibility, strength, alignment, concentration and relaxation.


Combining elements of Yin Yoga, restorative yoga, deep relaxation, and guided meditation in a soothing stress-free environment, this class will use techniques that have been shown to help strengthen the parasympathetic nervous system and the immune system. You will feel a deeper connection to yourself and your body. Doing this regularly helps to build a reservoir of energy that our normal busy lives deplete.

Restorative YOGA NIDRA

Restore your energy and refine your willpower.  Expect to practice a few restorative poses and Yoga Nidra, yoga sleep. Nidra is a practice intended to bring the mind into deeper states of being, with relaxation and healing as added benefits. It is practiced lying in stillness.


The hard cannot exist without the soft, power cannot exist without surrender, flow cannot exist without the pauses in between, and the yang cannot exist without the yin. Restore your natural ability to move the way we are intended to with the calming and grounding practice of Yin yoga. Balance emotions and energies and connect with the true nature of your being.


Join Nature Yoga Sanctuary and the Wicker Park Farmers Market for our second season of yoga in the park this Summer! These FREE classes are taught by recent Nature Yoga teacher training graduates, as well as Nature Yoga instructors. All levels and ages are encouraged to participate!

Sundays, June 2nd - September 29th, 2019 | 9am- 9:45am

Wicker Park, 1425 N. Damen Ave

We will meet at the southwest end of the park near Schiller Street and Damen. Please bring a mat, towel or blanket and anything else you may need i.e. sun screen, bug spray, water. We will move inside the park building if it rains. After class, take a stroll through the farmers market!