Gordana Markovic


It was in Belgrade, Serbia, Gordana’s home country, where she took her first yoga class in 1996. A yoga book inspired her to search for the meaning of the word yoga and her curiosity led to a three-year journey of practicing Hatha Yoga.

Various circumstances in her life resulted in her practice laying dormant for many years. It wasn’t until she moved to the US that her practiced was re-awakened and Moksha Yoga Center became her home. She practiced with different teachers there and one of them, Jim Bennitt inspired her to continue deeper exploration of yoga through Teacher Training.

In 2010, Gordana completed Mosksha’s Teacher Training program under the tutelage of Daren Friesen. Having taken workshops with master teachers such as Tias Little, Aadil Palkivala, Rod Stryker, she was led to Ashtanga practice Mysore style one morning. In the silence of self-practice with the patient guidance of her teacher, Todd Boman, Gordana found her true practice. Daily practice was teaching her how to synchronize mind and body, overcome habits, relax within discipline, be open and fearless, and to find sacredness in everyday life. She discovered something that was always available, inexhaustible, and impossible to posses.

In 2011, she met Richard Freeman and read his book, The Mirror of Yoga, which was the reaffirming moment when she decided to work towards teaching the Ashtanga practice.

Gordana has been teaching since 2010 and she feels she is just beginning.

In 2013, she traveled to Thailand, India, and Nepal drawn to search for the roots of yoga, meditation, and Buddhism. She spent 7 weeks practicing with R. Sharath Jois in Mysore India, which helped her to reach a deeper integration of the  Ashtanga practice. In Nepal, she studied Tibetan Buddhist Meditation and Buddhist philosophy. Since 2013, Gordana has been going back to India annually, continuing to deepen her knowledge and practice.

Gordana continues her daily practice with Todd who teaches her courage, dedication, discipline, and trust every day with his own example. As a teacher she aspires to inspire and guide students to go deeper within and search for more balance and depth in both yoga and life. Gordana challenges both herself and her students to rethink what asana is about and work on marrying asana and meditation.