Marcelyn Cole



In Marcelyn Cole's class you'll practice appropriately challenging physical poses, build and direct energy using your breath, and end in seated tantric meditation.
With clarity, compassion, and humor Marcelyn makes tantric yoga's transformative practices accessible to people of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities. She has taught in schools, DIY art spaces, jail, corporate conferences, at city-sponsored events, and to individual private clients. Marcelyn has been practicing yoga since 1995 and in 2007 she began teaching.

She is initiated in the Sri Vidya Tantric tradition. Her skillful sequencing and spirited teaching style are informed by years of training with Yogarupa Rod Stryker. Other influences are Gary Kraftsow, Shambhavi Chopra, and Vamadeva David Frawley. 

Her teaching is also deeply impacted by her life experiences and a profound affinity with the natural world. She's lived in and loved Chicago for over twenty years, and also feels a strong connection to her homeland in Northern Michigan. Marcelyn has studied permaculture and regenerative design, early childhood development, and studies and practices elements of varied spiritual traditions. Before and while teaching yoga, she has also had years of teaching at Montessori schools, working at independent music venues, and traveling. She's interested and engaged in social justice and ecological healing. 

Marcelyn recognizes that you are your most important teacher and she's here to help you empower your brightest, clearest self.