Melissa Ahrens


Melissa Ahrens is a licensed massage therapist and certified yoga instructor who was introduced to yoga after a co-worker brought her toa class in 2007. While this was not her first yoga class, something this time spoke to her. Melissa immediately fell in love with the practice and found it helpful in alleviating stress from her account managementjob. She soon discovered she was learning a lot about her mind and body every day in class and decided it was time pursue her knowledge further and pursued a Certificate of Clinical Massage Therapy from the Soma Institute in 2010 and 200-hour yoga training at Nature Yoga Sanctuary in 2011. She continues to be influenced and inspired by all the amazing Chicago teachers and most importantly her students. Melissa is currently studying and apprenticing at Yoga Circle under the direction of Gabriel Halpern and she will be completing 100 hours of training with master teacher Maty Ezraty in 2014. The teachings of Para Yoga by Rod Stryker also deeply resonate with her. For Melissa, yoga is a never-ending journey. Everyday and moment you have the opportunity to learn and discover something new about yourself and she believes that in your yoga practice is where the magic starts to happen - you have the opportunity to connect back with yourself and to listen to what arisess.